Dutch Trance master Ferry Corsten officially releases his newest EDM masterpiece on Friday. Although Corsten has seemed to slip in the DJ rankings over the past few years, this album could help to retake some of his former glory. Some interesting collabs with artists like fellow Dutchman Armin Van Buuren and some independent vocalists could prove fruitful. Corsten claims that this album hits harder in the electro-house arena, and nowhere is that sound more prominent than Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us featuring male vocalist Ben Hague who Corsten apparently recruited from You Tube, but the rest of the album struggles to get away from his more traditional trance roots, which is certainly not a bad thing.

You can pre-order the CD which is available on Friday through Corsten’s website, listen to all the tracks right here, or check him out live in one of his upcoming show in Denver, San Fransico, St. Louis, and Las Vegas!!