After the well-deserved success of their first release, Cutline’s ‘Runnin’ ft. Belle Humble, Pilot Records is back at it again with a four track EP from rising DnB star, Rollz. Deeper and more experimental than his previous work ‘The Music EP’ is an uplifting adventure through liquid funk dream space. Beginning with an immerse half-tempo track saturated in retrospective melodies, then ending with a much more aggressive and techy DnB head trip, Rollz really shows off how far his talents reach with this release. The production quality is nothing short of immaculate, and each of the last three tracks will fit perfect in any drum/liquid funk collection or at the end of your dirty Drum and Bass set. Grab your copy when it drops January 23rd.

Rollz – The Music EP by Rollz

Been in Florida my whole life nurturing a love for all beats that break. Never released a track, but I’ve been producing for nearly 15 years and playing out as a DJ for at least 8. I ran on the side (until godaddy stole it form me) and also write for as well as and You can catch me mixing on the award-winning NSB Radio station every Tuesday night 8-10pm (EST).

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