Lotus @ Town Ballroom, Buffalo, NY

The debate over who dominates the livetronica / electronic jam band scene is a pretty difficult one with many great contenders, but it usually comes down to two bands: Lotus vs. STS9. With that said, I don’t think their new track Blacklight Sunflare is going to help the debate at all.

Lotus is due to release their third studio album, which will be self-titled on September 13th. This track Blacklight Sunflare gives you a little taste of what to expect on the new album. According to the press release, Lotus is apparantly experimenting with more electronic influences in their music while retaining their jam band sound. Basically, what they are saying is Lotus is starting to sound A LOT more like Sound Tribe Sector 9.

Get more details on the release @ lotusvibes.com

Blacklight Sunflare by lotusvibes

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