In college, I took an ‘Introduction to Computers’ type of class which was a prerequisite for all students. As personal computers and technology become more and more integrated into our education systems (as well as personal lives), I fully supported the notion that all students should posses at least a basic understanding of computers. One of the most important lessons I learned in that class was to BACK UP EVERYTHING. My teacher often told us, “If it’s not saved in two locations – it doesn’t exist.”

Perhaps Sonny Moore (aka Skrillex) skipped that day, but there’s no excuse for complete and utter loss of data – even if it means hardware has been stolen. According to various blogs across the internet, apparently Sonny’s personal laptop that he uses for producing tracks has been stolen – and there’s no backup. The person who stole the laptop has uploaded a track Skrillex was working on, titled Died This Way, a remix of Lady Gaga’s Born This Way.

Tough luck, Skrillex- I sincerely feel bad for the loss of your personal possessions but perhaps this will be a learning experience….

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  • Peter

    Is this even music? It sounds like someone screaming…

  • Peter’s Mother

    ^Peter go fuck yourself

  • spekta_k

    it really does just sound like someone is screaming though. not really feeling this at all…

  • I agree with you guys to an extent… I actually like the track, but I agree the screaming vocals in it REALLY take away from the track. It’s not his best per se but not this worst either.

    Also, we have no idea if this track was finalized or not. I mean, it was stolen after all…

  • peter’s grandmother

    none of you know shit about dubstep. this is the sought after new raw sound. turn your fucking speakers up it’s not screaming it’s high frequency wobbles

    • I don’t really care what the sound is, it’s annoying as shit and I don’t like it.

  • Steve

    never really felt any of Skrillex’s stuff. the intro on this is bomb, and i doubt he had any plans to leave those screams in the final mix. this could have been the first track i actually liked from skrillex but then his laptop had to get stolen :/

  • zack

    i hope sonny didnt write this…

  • Your Mother

    @peter’s grandmother and mother.. you guys are right all the rest of you guys dont know shit about dubstep.. i rekon all the sounds just make this song even filthyer and better.. love all his tracks so much and if you dont like it you can go fuck yourself

  • Dan

    He did have all his stuff backed up. It was actually 2 laptops and 2 hard drives that were stolen. Maybe check your facts next time

    • I have better things to do with my time than dispute meaningless information. What’s the important part of this article? His laptop(s?) was STOLEN. Also, if you are going to have the balls to come on here and try to disprove me, then at least back up your argument with a credible source.

  • Once A Thief

    Having a laptop stolen is pretty shitty but not having back ups (that aren’t in the same hotelroom) is even shittier.

    Personally though, I can’t stand this track. Skrillex’s production is exceptional but his music is gimmicky bro/dub-step nonsense.

    • Agreed. Who cares if he had 2 or even 16 hard drives stolen. The fact that he wasn’t backing up his stuff anywhere else is the facepalm here.

  • Your Mother

    it was 2 laptops and 2 hard drives sonny said it himself

  • dubstep

    Dubstep is Skream. Skrillex is emo 😛

  • CJ

    Lol Sonny didn’t even go to college OR high school!! But yeah, that was very unfortunate of him 🙁