What’s more obnoxious than Lady Gaga’s Hair? Hmm, actually I’m not sure, I’ll have to get back to you on that. In the meantime, you can listen to her brand new single Hair, which debuts today! Some of you may be wondering just why I’m posting this track on here, and I’ll explain why – Lady Gaga has made it clear from the beginning that she is not just another talentless pop star. The woman actually has an outstanding voice, which is highlighted in her slower song You And I. Secondly, she is produces legitimate EDM (Electronic Dance Music), so why shouldn’t she deserve some credit for that? Strip away the vocals and you’ll still have some decent house tracks…

Anyway, just listen to the track and I hope you enjoy it! If some remixes come out in the future I’ll be sure to post them…

Lady Gaga – Hair

Also be sure to check out the John Dahlback and Dave Aude remixes of Gaga’s other recent single Judas.

Lady Gaga – Judas (John Dahlback remix)

Lady Gaga – Judas (Dave Aude remix)
Lady Gaga – Judas (Dave Aude Radio Mix) by DaveAude

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