I have not been faithful to Dubsday Wubsday, which as quite a shame as there have been a good number of quality releases in the past couple weeks that have not been posted! I am trying to incorporate a process into my current work schedule (~50 hours a week) that will make it a lot easier for me to keep these posts coming! Let’s hope it works out.

I have a number of good releases for ya’ll, a little variety that hopefully everyone can appreciate! Check ’em out:

Katy Perry – Teenage Dream (Dragan Remix) [dl]

Mochipet – Whomp-A-Saurus Sex [dl]

Gorillaz – Clint Eastwood (Borgore Remix) [dl]

And don’t forget the hottest dubstep tracks uploaded to Soundcloud.com over the last week…

Chrispy – Here Comes The Music by CHRISPY

High Rankin – Digital Sex (Free Download) by High Rankin

Camelorg & D-Jahsta – The Juggernaut by Camelorg

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